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Escharotic Treatments For Cervical Dysplasia?

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

holistic medical doctor
holistic medical doctor

In order to ensure that the cervix cells are healthy, women are recommended to get their pap smears updated as per the most up to date guidelines. Pap smears involve sending a sample of the cells around the cervix to the lab for testing for any abnormalities. This screening helps to detect Human papilloma Viruses (HPV) that could potentially lead to cervical dysplasia which can lead to cervical cancer. It’s important to note that there are hundreds of HPV, and only some of those can later lead to cervical dysplasia. Furthermore, their are also other environmental and lifestyle factors that can make women more susceptible to it, such as cigarette smoking, having a weakened immune system and oral contraceptive use. Women diagnosed with cervical dysplasia will often be given 2 conventional treatment options depending on the severity: Leep (Loop electrosurgical excision procedure) or conization. However, Naturopathic Medicine offers another alternative treatment. It’s called Escharotic treatment, and involves using natural ingredients (bromelain, zinc, sanguinaria) to help kill off the abnormal cells around the cervix. The treatments generally take 30 mins- 45 mins and are in office done twice weekly for about 5 weeks by a Naturopathic Doctor! In addition to the topicals I work with patients to help optimize their immune support and work on starting them on an individualized treatment plan that can best support their body’s immune system to help fight the virus systemically as well. This accompanied with certain vaginal suppositories to aid in healing avoids the risk of scarring to the cervix that may be seen with the LEEP.

If you’re looking for alternative treatments for cervical dysplasia, abnormal paps (ASCUS, CIN 1, 2- 3), HPV then schedule your appointment with Dr. Hasan, Naturopathic Doctor focusing on women’s integrative health to chat about your options.


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