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Hair loss - Symptoms and causes - Dr. Maisam Hasan

40% of women suffer from hair loss, otherwise known as Alopecia. Many different triggers are found for hair loss such as:autoimmune conditions, nutrient deficiencies, emotional/physical stress (especially postpartum, or with long haul covid), inadequate diet, excessive tugging on the hair follicles.

I have worked with hundreds of women to help them understand the root cause of their hair loss and running the appropriate testing to help find this out. Testing usually encompasses the most important nutrients for hair growth: vitamin D, iron, thyroid checks, hormonal testing. I focus on an integrative approach in my treatment plans to help balance hormones, corrent nutritional deficiencies, optimize thyroid health, and manage underlying autoimmune conditions.

The integrative approach I have used includes some or all of the following:

  • The supplements:

We only give the most active forms of vitamins/ minerals to ensure maximal absorption whether it be doses through oral consumption or through IV (intravenous therapy support). Higher doses of vitamin C and glutathione pushes in IV (intravenous therapy) can bypass the digestive system and ensure 100% maximal absorption to help with support for hair, skin and nails. Stress can also be managed by adaptogenic herbs and lifestyle changes.

The topicals: specifically compounded using tested formulas to help support hair regrowth; including a mix of minoxidil, melatonin, and finasteride.

  • The Diet:

Our gut is our second brain, and a healthy gut leads to healthy hormone production which in turn, leads to rich healthy hair. Teaching patients how to eat for their hormones is an integral part of my hair health treatment plan.

  • PRP:

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy can help support hair regrowth with minimal risks since we are using the patients’ own platelets or “liquid gold” to help regenerate the hair follicles in the area with the hair loss. Typical treatment recommendations are 4-6 treatments for best results.

  • Oral Medications:

When necessary medications can be prescribed to help with autoimmune conditions, or those that prevent more hair loss to begin with!

Having issues with hair loss? Contact our front desk to book your appointment with Dr. Hasan, Naturopathic Doctor, and we can’t wait to see your hair grow healthy and strong.


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