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A little more about what I do & how I can help

When it comes to hormonal health or food sensitivity going the extra mile helps save time and get to the root cause of the issue. Extensive lab testing helps us get there by giving us baseline measurements for where your body is currently at and gives information about the missing pieces of the puzzle to help get it to optimal functioning level. Some of these tests include: Food Sensitivity Testing, Gastrointestinal Stool Testing, DUTCH testing, Salivary Cortisol Testing, Nutrient and Mineral Assessment.

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Acupuncture offers a natural way of harmonizing the body’s organ systems. It’s based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine of balancing the flow of Qi energy, which is essential to health. Illness and chronic diseases manifest in the body when the meridians that carry the Qi energy are blocked or deficient. Helping to unblock these passageways and strengthen the channels keeps the body in a state of free-flowing Qi energy; creating a balanced dynamic between your mind and body.

Extensive Lab Testing

Involves the use of plants or plant extracts in the form of supplements to help treat diseases and promote general well being of the body. The active components of the plants are retrieved and made into supplements that act on biological mechanisms in the body inducing powerful therapeutic effects.

Herbal Medicine


This treatment offers a way of getting Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D directly into your system bypassing the lengthy process of digestion. It helps to ensure the active vitamins are getting into the bloodstream for absorption where concerns of improper digestion are present.


Bioidentical hormone replacement are more natural plant derived hormones that can help women with menopausal issues or with pregnancy implantation.

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Diet & Lifestyle Counselling

Your diet can be crucial when it comes to how your body functions. Our treatments involve education about how to eat healthy foods, and incorporates customized diets that work for your body

Diet Counselling

IV Therapy, also known as intravenous therapy, is the administration of delivering nutrients and hydration directly into the bloodstream for immediate absorption and use by the body. 

IV Therapy
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